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After reading a negative, unfair and poorly composed and misspelled comment on Blanka Travel written by one pissed "consumer" and being an experienced traveler for years I must say that this story is missing some basic logic. First of all, travel agent does not have the technical ability or any other power to double book or overbook the flights.

Travel agent cannot reserve the seats or issue electronic ticket in the first place unless all flights or segments are confirmed. Therefore, whoever wrote this should know that the responsibility for a possible overbooking is always with the airline and not the travel agent. Unfortunately, the airlines sometimes bump people due to the overbooking reasons but in such situations travel agents cannot be blamed since they are not the ones who either can do overbooking or prevent it from happening. Also, as I can understand from this story, the airline reissued the tickets for the passengers and they traveled.

So, it's a well known fact that airlines do not refund already used tickets. And if the airline, by the law, is not required to refund the used ticket, how could the travel agent do so?

Especially since tickets were already paid to the airline. Like I've said, this does not make much sense to me… Before blaming a travel agent, a person should at least have all legal facts or proofs and not just throw a bunch of negative comments and subjective conclusions in order to damage the business, probably led by his or her own questionable, personal motives.

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I personally have spoken to the party that was hurt by this and they are not the only ones that were told to go home once they arrived at the airport. Blanka thinks that she can get away with everything, what she doesn't know is that there are people who speak English and will make sure she doesn't get away with this again.

There was one family before this family and I was once of the families that were hurt by Blanka. She does not have the common courtesy to talk to people in a nice way. If other people do not know what you have done, here in Des Moines, the families that were hurt by Blanka are going to make sure that NO ONE else buys airline tickets from her again. I have gone to Bosnia 4 times before this and this time has been a nightmare.

Some male kept yelling at me in the background as the other people told me they were yelled at too. Blanka kept trying to get me off the phone. I will personally make sure that everyone I know in Iowa that is traveling to Sarajevo and Zagreb knows not to buy from Blanka.

Save yourself the headache! I have nothing else to say, I have already wasted enough time trying to figure out how to go home to my sick mother.

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